Person making a purchase with their debit card on their phone

Many of us shop online for a variety of items, including clothes, electronics, gifts and more. Using a debit card for online or even in-store purchases is often quick, convenient and cost-effective, especially during the holiday season. 

When you’re in a rush to buy that last-minute item, don’t forget to be aware of safety. Follow our top tips to ensure your debit card is secure.  

Tips to Keep Your Debit Card Secure

When you use your debit card, money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account. Remember the following tips to reduce your risk of identity theft or fraudulent activity.

#1 Don’t Share Your PIN 

Keep your PIN stored in a safe place, like an encrypted password management system. Make sure not to write it down anywhere, especially if it’s kept in your purse or wallet. You can also avoid using your PIN when you select the credit purchase function at a store or gas station.

#2 Check Your Bank Statements

Regularly check your bank statements to ensure there aren’t any fraudulent transactions. Go paperless so you can log on to view your transactions anytime and avoid having your bank statement in the wrong hands. Contact your bank immediately if you notice anything suspicious.

#3 Be Alert for Fraud/Phishing Attempts

Card skimmers are devices inserted into ATMs, gas station pumps or other point-of-sale systems. When you scan your card, the skimmer sends your private information to the person who set up the skimmer. They are often difficult to spot, so it’s important to be vigilant if you must insert your card. 

If something doesn’t seem right, like the keypad feeling or looking unusual or loose, report your concern and use a different machine or pay with cash. And, if your card has a chip, tap to pay instead of inserting your card.

Criminals are more likely to set up skimming devices at remote ATM locations, so try using automated teller machines (ATMs) located in or near a bank. The additional surveillance at most banks may deter criminal activity.

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#4 Avoid Using Public WiFi

Public WiFi, or wireless networking technology, isn’t protected with a password, so anyone in the vicinity can access the internet connection. Use only password-protected WiFi when logging on to your bank account or shopping online with your debit card to reduce the risk of hackers stealing your account information or password.

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