Fee Schedule

Effective: September 1, 2020
Reviewed: September 1, 2020

Account Fees

ACH (Automated Clearing House Debits)



Overdraft Item2

$33.00 (per item)

Stop Payment 

$30.00 (per order)

Business Checking



Monthly Maintenance Fee

$ 8.00 (per month)

Minimum Balance Fee (If balance falls below $50.00)

$10.00 (per month)

Money Maker Deposit Account(MMDA)1





Minimum Balance Fees

Balance falls below $25.00
Account Fee 
Statement Savings $ 5.00 (per month)
Seniors 60 and over 
No Fee
Balance falls below $50.00
Business Checking $10.00 (per month)
NOW/Demand $10.00 (per month)
Seniors age 60 and over No Fee
Balance falls below $500.00
Account Fee 
Money Maker Deposit Account1 $10.00 (per month)
Seniors age 60 and over No Fee

Overdraft Fees

Overdraft Item Fee2 & Returned Item Fee3 (NSF)




$33.00 (per item)
NOW/MMDA1/Demand $33.00 (per item)
Home Equity Line of Credit $20.00 (per item)
Paid or Returned item $33.00 (per item)
Uncollected Funds $33.00 (per item)
Overdraft Transfers
By linked deposit account - Per daily use fee $10.00 (per daily use)

Misc. Account Fees

Statement Copy
Account Fee 
Interim Teller Printout No Fee
NOW/Demand $4.00 (per account)
Money Maker Deposit Account1 $4.00 (per account)
Savings $4.00 (per account)
Accounts Closed within 90 days of opening $10.00 (per account)


Dormant Accounts 
NOW/MMDA1/Demand Checking (Inactive for 12 months or longer) $4.00 (per month)
Savings (Inactive for 36 months or longer)
Waived for minors and seniors age 60 and over
$4.00 (per month)


Check Fees

Misc. Check Fees

Checkbook Balancing Assistance

$15.00 per hour
(one hour minimum)

Check Copy - NOW/MMDA1/Demand

$4.00 (per item)

Check Printing - NOW/MMDA1/Demand/Equity Line

Price varies by check style

Deposited or Cashed Item - Returned Check

$20.00 (per item)

Foreign Check Collection

$25.00 (per check) 

TELLER CHECK (Cashiers Check)
Available to customers only.  After one check per month at no charge

$5.00 (per check)
Stop Payment
Checks and ACH Debits  $30.00 (per order)
Home Equity Line of Credit $20.00 (per order)


Additional Fees

ATM / Debit Card6

Fidelity Federal ATM

No Fee

Other ATMs (per transaction)

$ 3.00

Card Replacement (per card)

$ 8.00

Expedited Card Delivery


International Exchange Rate Adjustment4

1% of transaction amount

Lost Card
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $8.00
Safe Deposit Box
Details Fee 
Box Rental Price varies by box size
Box Drilling & Key Replacement $125.00
Wire Transfers
Domestic Incoming $15.00
Domestic Outgoing $20.00
International Incoming $45.00
International Outgoing $50.00


Misc Fees and Online Services
Garnishments, Levies, or Attachments (per order)  $30.00
 Money Orders - Sold to customers only  $5.00 (per item fee)
Online Banking & Online Bill Pay No Fee
Account to Account Transfer No Fee
Mobile Deposit Capture No Fee
Zelle® No Fee
Telephone Banking (1-866-694-0505) No Fee
Escheatment Fee
Processing of dormant account - certified mail receipt notice sent
up to $20
Returned Mail Fee $3.00 (per day)
Per Hour $25.00
Per Copy $4.00


1MMDA is Money Maker Deposit Account also known as a Money Market Account

2OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE: Assessed when the available balance in your account is insufficient to cover an item presented for payment and the item is paid. We may, but are not required to, refuse to pay any item unless your available account balance at the time is equal to or more than the amount of the item, plus all other items received. Even if we have paid overdraft items previously, we will not be required to do so at any future time.

3RETURNED ITEM FEE: Assessed when the available balance in your account is insufficient to cover an item presented for payment and the item is returned unpaid (Non-Sufficient Funds)

4INTERNATIONAL Exchange Rate Adjustment: For card purchases, non-ATM Cash transactions and ATM withdrawals in currency other than U.S.Dollars. Fee is a percent of transaction amount after conversion to US Dollars.

5OVERDRAFT TRANSFER: From a Fidelity Federal Sv & Ln checking, savings or money maker account the exact amount of the overdraft plus applicable fees will be transferred. You must sign up separately for Overdraft Transfer Protection. The number of transfers from a savings or money maker account each month is limited in accordance with Federal Regulation D. When you do not have enough available funds in your account to transfer to cover an item, we may either pay the item and overdraw your account (an overdraft item) or we may decline or return the item unpaid (an NSF: returned item). In either case we may charge you a fee.

6ATM / DEBIT CARD items: At the time you initiate an ATM withdrawal or Debit card purchase and you do not have enough available funds the transaction will be declined.


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