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How To Open Your First Checking Account


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Opening a checking account as a teenager or college student is a great way to learn how to budget and manage your finances. Even though you may not be earning a large salary yet, you can start to earn interest, use a debit card and become familiar with online and mobile banking.  This blog from… Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Debit Card Secure


Person making a purchase with their debit card on their phone

Many of us shop online for a variety of items, including clothes, electronics, gifts and more. Using a debit card for online or even in-store purchases is often quick, convenient and cost-effective, especially during the holiday season.  When you’re in a rush to buy that last-minute item, don’t forget to be aware of safety. Follow… Read more »

5 Critical Ways a Pre-approval Jumpstarts Your First Home Search


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It’s an exciting time to house-hunt, but you aren’t sure where to start. Looking at first-time homebuyer programs seems overwhelming, and you don’t know what preapproval means. Fidelity Federal is here to help. A preapproval is a letter from your bank or other lender stating they are willing to tentatively lend you up to a… Read more »